Garage Door Damages Caused by the Ocean

A garage door that does not fully open when you press the button on your remote or lift the door yourself may suffer from some rusting caused by the sea air blowing by your home. While living in Southern California has its benefits, it also puts you closer to the ocean. The combination of saltwater droplets and sea air can do some serious damage to your garage door.


Garage door manufacturers often apply a clear coat that keeps metal doors and other components from rusting. Depending on the age of your door though, that coating may wear off over time and leave the metal exposed to moisture. Any moisture in the surrounding air, including the saltwater that blows in from the ocean, can lead to rusting. You may find rust spots on the door itself and dark red or brown rust spreading across the springs and other parts of the door.


You may also find yourself dealing with problems caused by build-up. If you take a spring, rub salt all over the coils and then try to open it, you’ll find that the spring won’t open. The same thing can happen with your garage door. Sea air can spread saltwater droplets across areas near the ocean. The salt found in that air settles on any surface or area it touches and builds up over time. With more build-up, it’s almost impossible to open the door properly.

Replacing the Door

Once that saltwater and ocean air causes some significant damage, it’s time to think about replacing your old garage door. With Orange County garage installation, you can replace the entire door, just the parts that no longer work and find ways to save on the installation that you need. Southern California homeowners like yourself may need to replace garage doors because of all the damage that saltwater can cause.