Important Safety Features in Garage Door Openers

Even the thinnest and most compact of garage doors still weigh a substantial amount, which is why it can be dangerous and even deadly if ever the door malfunctions or the door opener stops working as it should. In order to avoid such issues, you might want to purchase a garage door opener that has been outfitted with numerous safety features. There are also some safety features that are more important than others, which you should be aware of before purchasing one.

Rolling-Code Technology

Many door openers come with a touchpad or keypad just outside of the garage door that allows you to get into the garage by inputting a certain code. While some of these keypads use the same code every time, others are designed solely to use non-repeatable codes that change with each entry. Since there are billions of different code possibilities, it’s unlikely that someone will be able to find the code that matches your garage door.

Auto-Reverse Functionality

The inclusion of auto-reverse functionality means that the door will reverse immediately if ever an object is detected in the path of the door. The inclusion of this technology eliminates the possibility of the door closing on your vehicle or a person who is standing under the door.

Availability of Light and Various Control Options

Many openers come with a light that activates every time the door opens and won’t turn off for a few minutes, which should give you time to get inside your home. You can also select from a variety of different control options, which range from doorbell-style buttons that open and close the door to control panels that include keypad programming. Once you’ve selected the right opener to pair with your garage door, make sure that you choose the right company for a garage door installation in Orange County. Proper installation of the garage door and opener that you’ve chosen will minimize the possibility of the door or opener malfunctioning in the near future.