woman smiling at garage door fixed with replacement parts

Replacement Parts for Garage Doors

The reality of owning a garage door is that some components are eventually going to begin to fail. Therefore, it is vital that you know not only what components make up your garage door but which parts you are more likely to need to purchase in the future. To make your life a bit easier, we’ve outline replacement parts you are usually going to need to keep your garage door functional all year long.

Tech Replacement Parts You Need

If you have a garage door that utilizes an electrical pad, you will likely need one in the future. Although the component might work fine, outdated technology can greatly increase the chances that someone can easily bypass the codes within your device.

Garage Door Hinges

One of the most common components of the garage door that is going to need to be replaced are the door hinges. Hinges are what connects the various panels of the door together. Having worn out hinges can greatly affect the function of the door and even pose a safety risk. You should always keep spare hinges around. Suppose you are not experienced in installing these. In that case, it is highly recommended to seek the services of a garage door repair Orange County service company to ensure that the installation is done promptly and accurately.

Garage Door Rollers

Perhaps the most used part of the garage door are the rollers. These allow your door to run up the tracking system smoothly. However, constant use will deteriorate the material, and thus you may start to hear metallic noises while it lifts or even notices it moving slower as it rises or comes down. If these are not replaced, they can begin to damage other garage areas, such as the tension springs (as they need to work harder) and the tracking system itself.