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Discover some of the techniques used by garage door technicians in order to repair a hole that has developed on one of the panels. These techniques can save you money over the cost of replacing the panel or getting an entirely new garage door.

How Professionals Fix a Hole in Your Garage Door

Even if your garage door’s opener is in great condition, it may be necessary to call for garage door service in Orange County if you discover a hole in your garage door. Even a small hole allows wind to get into your garage. The wind carries with it particles of sand, dirt, bugs and other debris that could be harmful. Technicians may use one of these three techniques in order to repair your garage door.

Wood Filler

For a garage door made of wood, a wood filler may be sufficient for patching a small hole. The filler expands somewhat and hardens to be almost as strong as the original material. Once this type of material has dried, the technician will smooth the surface by sanding it. After sanding, the patched area can be painted to match the rest of the door.

Sprayed Foam

Sprayed foam is a durable material that offers excellent insulating properties. This material expands to fill the area where it is applied. This helps to seal holes against moisture, wind and air intrusion. A garage door technician can apply the foam, which hardens within a few minutes. Once the material has hardened, it can be sanded to be level with the surface of the door. It can also be painted or stained to match the door’s exterior surface.

Removing and Smoothing the Panel

If a hole does not remove the material from the door’s panel, but instead pushes it inward, a garage door technician could take out the panel and use tools to smooth the material. A mallet could repair a small hole left in metal, such as a steel garage door. A crack may be left behind, but the small cracked area can be patched or sealed with clear fillers.