Why You Should Repair Your Warped and Bowing Garage Door

A bowing door on your garage not only looks terrible, but it also keeps your garage door from operating as it should. What causes garage doors to bow? More importantly, what can you do about it? This article will answer questions many people have about bowing and warped doors.

What Constitutes a Bowing Door?

These doors act as a warping that you can see on the surface of your garage door. When you have a bowing door, it will have a caved-in look. You will know if you have a bowing door on your hands. These doors don’t look like they should. Plus, the door might groan and strain when you open or close them.

What Causes Warped Doors?

Wooden garage doors can get negatively affected by extreme fluctuations in temperature. Extreme temperatures can destroy a wooden door and make it warp over time. While steel garage doors can undergo bowing, this does not happen too often. If your steel garage door bows, you might have a garage door opener that cannot hold up the weight of your door.

Fixing Bowing Doors

If you have only one warped panel on your garage door, then you will save a lot of money if you go ahead and replace it by yourself. But if the entirety of your door got warped, then you will need to get help with garage door installation in Orange County from your local garage door repair technicians.