Common Mistakes When Syncing Your Garage Door Remote

If you’re having a hard time syncing your garage door remote, then you’re not alone. While this is usually easy, sometimes there are problems and you can’t find a solution. This will cover the most common garage remote problems and how to correct them.

Garage Remote Syncing Issues With Batteries

This is the most common and easiest to fix. Sometimes the batteries are faulty and just died, or maybe you used old batteries. Try changing the batteries to see if this makes a difference. This is the first thing you should check before moving onward.

Reprogram the Opener

A garage door opener only works if it knows the right signal. If it’s using a different signal, then it’s like the opener and garage door are speaking different languages. Press the “Program” or “Learn” button on your opener and it will scroll through signals until it finds the right one.

If you’re getting garage door installation in Orange County, then ask someone from the installation crew to help you program the remote.

The Remote Is Locked

Many garage door openers have a lock function. As the name suggests, this locks the garage from opening. If your remote does have this function, then be sure to turn it off and try again. The garage door should then open as expected. You’ll know the lock function is on because it will blink.

Short in the Garage Door Opener

This is a more serious issue and you may want help with this. If you know how, then you can unplug the opener connected to the garage and check the wires for a short. If there is, then connect or change the wires and try using the remote again.

This is harder to fix if you don’t know much about wiring. Be sure to contact a professional to help if you need help with this.