A garage door’s remote control makes it easy and convenient to open the door while you are in your car. If the remote stops working, there could be an electrical or mechanical problem with the remote, the opener or the door itself.

Three Reasons Why Your Garage Door’s Remote Is Not Working

When you leave home, using the garage door’s remote control simplifies the operation of the door. The remote also helps to maintain your home’s safety and security. If the remote control stops working, opening the door can be a challenge. You can try these troubleshooting steps to see if proper functioning of the door is restored. If not, it is best to arrange for a professional garage door repair in Orange County to have the remote or the opener repaired.

Dead Batteries

The most common reason why a garage door remote control stops working is because its batteries have died. Exposure to extreme heat and cold causes batteries to lose their effectiveness after about 12 months of use. You can take out the batteries and test them with a multimeter. You could also try replacing the batteries and see if the door resumes its proper operation.

Antenna Problems

Garage door openers have a radio frequency antenna that receives the signal from the remote. If the antenna has been bent, it may not be able to receive the remote’s signal. The antenna could also be dirty, corroded or damaged. Check the antenna and re-position it to see if it is able to pick up the remote’s signal.

Programming Error

In some cases, the garage door’s opener or remote may lose its signal entirely. This can happen if a neighbor has a similar frequency for their door’s remote. A power outage may also cause the opener’s radio frequency to reset. Some remotes develop a programming error when you change their batteries. In these cases, the remote control may need to be reprogrammed. Your opener’s owner’s manual should have instructions on how to reprogram the remote. If you are unsure of how to proceed, a repair technician should be able to do it for you.