Three Reasons Why Garage Doors Come Off of Their Tracks

Garage doors use a set of tracks that are connected to springs and powered by a motor so that they can go up and down with the push of a button instead of you having to manually open and close the door. A problem with the tracks could cause your door to be stuck open, closed, or somewhere in the middle of the tracks. Understanding the causes of why the garage door gets off the tracks could help you to prevent it from happening again, and a technician for garage repair in Long Beach can get your garage door back in working order.


An impact into the garage door could cause it to separate from the tracks. Even if you just tapped the door with your car, that could be enough force to knock it off of the tracks. Toys, an errant basketball or a collision between a bicycle and the garage door could be enough force to shift it off of the tracks.


In California, there is always a risk of earthquakes. Even a mild earthquake could cause a shift in the mounting of the track or the door’s position on it. If your door seems to get stuck and you find out that a mild earthquake has occurred in the past day, this could be the reason why the door is off-kilter.

Damaged Spring or Cables

A worn-out spring or cable could cause one side of the garage door to come off of the track. The spring or cable may be loose, corroded or stretched beyond its capacity. The fasteners could be loose, stripped or rusted. A garage door technician can replace damaged fasteners, cables or springs and restore the door’s position.