How to Choose a Garage Door Opener

Technology has brought about many styles and features in garage door openers. This has made it hard for homeowners to choose one. Some of the things to consider when buying a garage door opener have been discussed below.


Most of the garage doors are available with different drive options such as chain drive, screw drive, and belt drive among others. The drive that you will consider is highly dependent on your tastes and preferences. However, you should understand that some drives have some benefits that cannot be found in other drives currently in the market. Most of the garage doors are fitted with chain drive openers, which are heavy duty and highly dependable.

The most recommended door opener that you should consider is belt drive garage door opener. They are available in most stores, and they come with a warranty, which is an important aspect when saving repair costs. They are very quiet and reliable, which is difficult to find in other garage doors. The problem is that they are costly and only available to high-end buyers.

Another garage door opener that is hitting the industry by storm is the side mount, mostly known as a jackshaft. The homeowners highly prefer it with heavy doors. It is mounted on the wall, which means that you don’t need an overhead track.


For quality garage door service in Orange County, you need to select companies that provide you with maximum security. You don’t only need to protect your family but your belongings as well. Therefore, you can never do much to protect your family. Always ensure that the garage door opener Orange County that you are using provides maximum protection.

Most of the door openers are available with billions of codes, which means that the code can change multiple times without compromising with security. Other door openers are available in the market with four-digit codes, which makes it hard for a person to guess.


Initially, you could have used alternating current to power your garage door and get quality services. In fact, most of the doors were made in such a way that they could only use AC. This has drastically changed. You should consider door openers that use direct current as it allows an assortment of features and better speed control. Therefore, you need a converter or a battery to power your door.