How to Protect Your Garage Door From an Intruder

The garage door is one of the main areas of residential buildings where intruders attempt to get into the house and have access to valuables. For many homeowners, they can suffer from a significant amount of loss because the intruder is capable of breaking through the garage with various techniques and tools. If you want to secure the garage door and protect it, there are a few main steps to take.

Use a Zip Tie

Even if you have an upscale automatic garage door, you can still use a zip tie to connect to a loop in the emergency latch, which prevents burglars from entering the building by disabling the automatic door. You can also consider removing the emergency pull, which is ideal if you plan to go out of town and aren’t planning on accessing the garage in the coming days.

Install a Solid Garage Door

If your current garage door is hollow, you can consider updated it with a solid garage door that is more durable and sturdy. A solid-core garage door that includes a deadbolt will prove to offer a higher level of protection and won’t make it easy for intruders to break into the garage. Hire a company that performs garage door service Orange County to ensure that the new door is installed properly and to have work performed that includes a warranty.

Lock the Garage Windows

Lock the garage windows before you go to work or when you’re planning on taking a vacation to prevent burglars from having a way of getting into the building. Add a sticker to the windows that states that the property is protected by a security system or surveillance cameras to prevent your home from becoming a target while you’re away. Frosting the windows will also increase your security by preventing intruders from taking a peek into the garage.