Ensuring Your Children’s Safety around Garage Doors

Garage doors are just another mundane element of a suburban lifestyle. But, danger can lurk where you least expect it. Garage doors can be dangerous to children if you don’t take the right precautions. Here are some suggestions for ensuring your children’s safety around garage doors.

Keep the Remote Away from Children’s Reach

Don’t let your children play with the garage door remote. If smaller children are able to open the garage door without your knowledge, they could wander off or be abducted. Also, with older garage doors, children who are fascinated with making the door go up and down could be tempted to hang on to the garage door. The garage door could close on their feet or fingers.

Make Sure Your Garage Door Has Automatic Sensors

Older garage doors installed in the 1970s or 1980s probably won’t have automatic sensors if they haven’t been updated. Doors without automatic sensors won’t stop closing if there’s a child under them, and small children could be pinned underneath the garage door. Update your garage door and make sure that automatic sensors have been installed to protect your children from a tragic accident.

Repair Your Garage Door If It’s Broken

Broken garage doors can be dangerous. Whether the door won’t close or it closes and opens at random times, the situation can pose a risk to your kids. If you’re unable to solve the problem yourself, check out your garage repair Long Beach options. Don’t procrastinate and get your garage door repaired quickly to minimize the risk to your young children.