Right Now You Want to Fix That Rusty Garage Door

A garage often plays the role of a reliable storage room for a homeowner’s belongings. Cars and car accessories aren’t the only things you probably store in your garage. Likely, you house many personal belongings you wish to keep protected from the elements the garage. And the elements can be severe. Rain, wind, sleet, and snow may even pound away on your garage door. Thankfully, a durable metal door can handle a lot of punishment. In time, even strong metal suffers from troubling corrosion due to contact with moisture. Rust then develops. That creates a problem that positively must be addressed before the condition of the Orange County door gets worse.

Rust Ruins Doors

A small amount of rust may not seem like too much of a problem, but it really is. Rust won’t go away on its own. In time, the garage door likely will become even rustier. Corroded metal eventually crumbles creating holes in the garage door. Even small holes can prove to be a big problem for a Orange County garage.

Holes Open Portals for Moisture

A garage door doesn’t only keep intruders out. The door helps keep moisture out. Moisture travels in the air. Holes in the garage door make it possible for moisture to enter. Once excess moisture builds up inside the garage, a lot of damage can result. For one, anything metal inside the garage would suffer a similar fate that the door itself experienced. The metal will corrode. That should be a red flag that it is time to call in a Orange County garage door repair pro to check things out.

Also, if you stored old photographs or important documents in the garage, moisture won’t be either one’s friend. Mildew likely will develop and ruin these potentially irreplaceable items. Mold and mildew could grow all over the garage causing damage to everything they touch.

Painting Over the Rust Isn’t Enough

Patching and painting over rusty sections of the garage door won’t do much of anything. Yes, you may improve the looks of the suffering garage door, but maybe only from a distance. Up close, painted over rust probably won’t look at that aesthetically pleasing. The minor improvement won’t even come close to addressing the serious problem of keeping moisture out. A poor patch and paint job may still leave holes. For this reason and more, you really should ask a garage repair expert to check things out.

Repair the Damage

A professional repair service could fix the rust damage inflicted on the garage door. As long as the rusting hasn’t gone too far, a decent repair job can be an option. If not, then look into replacing the garage door. Either way, if rust is present on the door, call in a garage repair pro to assess the problem and recommend a fix.