garage sale orange county

The concept of the garage sale is something that developed in the 18th century. It has had many of other names throughout history, but garage sale seems to be one that stuck. Many garage sales occur inside of the garage because the family that is selling the goods has most of them inside the garages anyway. The following are some tips for preparing for a garage sale if you plan to have one:

Make Sure Your Garage Door Is Safe and Secure

People will be coming to your Orange County garage sale from all over the neighborhood. Some of them may be first-time Orange County vacationers who are on their way to enjoy the beaches. You may end up with a legal issue if you have a garage sale with a broken garage door that may hurt someone. Inspect your door the week before the event and contact Precision Garage Door Service for the repairs you need. You can contact during the night or day, and you will have access to same-day service from certified door techs. Such techs can repair broken springs, squeaky doors and doors that have come off track. All you need to do is dial 888-347-0706 for assistance.

Organize and Clean the Garage

You will need to organize and clean your garage so that people feel comfortable shopping inside of it. You’ll have to pick up all things from the floor that could create a risk of an injury to someone who comes to your sale. Next, you want to make sure that your garage is swept, mopped, sanitized and organized. You can sell more items at a garage sale if everything is in a sensible place and your shoppers can see them. Shoppers don’t like confusion, so make sure that you don’t have any going on at your sale.

Label the Prices so Everyone Can See Them

Finally, you will want to decide on all your pricing and label your items before you have the sale. Always label the prices a little bit higher than what you truly want because people will always try to buy the items with less money than the requested amount. This method of preparation will save you time answering unnecessary questions when the sale begins. You will have more time to tend to the people who walk up to the sale. Follows those tips and you should have a successful and memorable Orange County garage sale.