How Powered and Manual Garage Doors Stack Up

When getting a garage door installation in Orange County, you need to select the garage door you want. There are quite a few different types of garage doors available. Garage doors can be categorized in two main ways. They can be categorized by the material, such as steel or wood. Alternatively, garage doors can be separated by whether or not they are motorized. Powered garage doors and manual garage doors each have unique benefits. To learn more, read on.

Benefits of Powered Garage Doors

Powered garage doors are the most popular type for residential applications, and for good reason. They have several benefits over manual garage doors. Motorized garage doors are much more convenient, which is what attracts the majority of people. Also, some people, such as elderly or disabled people, may be physically unable to operate a manual garage door. Additionally, motorized garage doors are much quicker to operate than manual garage doors. Finally, motorized garage doors are safer than manual alternatives.

Benefits of Manual Garage Doors

There are two main benefits of manual garage doors. The first reason that many people choose manual garage doors is their affordability. The savings depends on the specific garage door that you get, but it’s no secret that hand-operated garage doors are significantly cheaper than powered garage doors. Not only are they cheaper to purchase, but they are also cheaper to maintain. On a related note, manual garage doors are also more reliable than motorized garage doors. They require a good deal less maintenance. To put it simply, this is because manual garage doors have fewer parts, which means there is less that can possibly go wrong.

Which Garage Door Is Right for You?

It can be difficult to choose the right garage door for your needs. However, you can make the process easier by considering which benefits are most important to you. If affordability is the most important benefit to you, then a manual garage door may be the best choice. Otherwise, a motorized garage door is probably the right choice. You can always speak to the professionals and get their advice.