Why Are the Photo Eye Sensors on My Garage Important?

When you talk to an expert in garage door repair Irvine about your garage door, they probably mentioned something about “photo eye sensors.” These eyes act as an important security feature on your garage doors.

How Do Photo Eye Sensors Work? Are They Necessary?

The photo sensors on your garage doors sit six inches above your garage floor. One sensor sits on either side of the door. The photo eyes send out a type of beam that connects to each other. If any object or person interrupts this beam, the sensor will tell the garage door system to cut the circuit so that the door doesn’t operate.

The US government mandated that new safety features get put on new garage doors. Photo eye sensors got created as a result of this order. Because of the technology, a family pet or a person could walk through the beam, and the garage door won’t come down on them.

My Garage Door Photo Eye Sensors Aren’t Working. What Should I Do?

Some of the indications that your garage door’s photo eye sensors do not work properly include blinking sensor lights, a garage door that goes up but doesn’t come back down when you use your garage door opener, and a door that begins to ascend but goes back down.

When your sensors don’t work, it’s usually because the two beams can’t connect for some reason. If your sensors don’t work properly, you will need to call in a professional to come in and look at the problem.

Here’s Why You Can’t Forget About the Photo Eye Sensors on Your Garage

When it comes to the photo eye sensors on your garage doors, you can’t just set them and forget them. The photo eye sensors act as an integral part of your entire door system. If they don’t work as they should, then the entirety of your garage is in a state of chaos.

If you see one of the mentioned signs of a malfunctioning photo eye sensor, then you will need to seek out the help of a professional immediately. Not doing so can further damage your entire door system.