How Paint Can Protect a Garage Door

When properly maintained, a garage door can last for several decades. A quality coat of paint may help to protect a garage door from several different types of damage. This may ultimately help a homeowner save time and money over the useful life of that door.

Paint Bonds With the Surface of the Door

When paint is applied to a garage door, it bonds with the surface of that door to provide a barrier from sun, wind or other damage. When it rains, the water will first eat away at the paint as opposed to the wood or whatever else the door is made of. The paint itself generally has a smell that is uninviting to pests as well as a texture and taste that they don’t like. Even if they do eat away at the paint, it will likely kill them.

Paint May Be Easier to Clean

There are many reasons why a garage door could get smudges or stains on it. In some cases, it’s because the kids put their hands all over it or because the soccer ball made contact dozens of times in the past week. A squashed bug, dirty leave or other debris may also find its way onto the surface of a garage. Many types of garage door paint are designed to either hide those marks or make the door itself easier to clean.

Chipped or Cracked Paint Could Be a Sign of Damage

If you notice that the paint is chipped, cracked or has been eaten away, it may be time to call a professional. An Irvine garage door repair company may be able to diagnose the problem and take steps to correct it. In some cases, this may involve repainting an existing door or painting a new one to match the one that is being removed.