Preventing Paint Splashes on Your Garage Door Panels

Many people put on a fresh layer of paint to the garage’s trim, soffits or siding. In some cases, this could result in a splash of paint on the garage door, marring its surface or potentially causing some damage. If the paint gets on the laser eye, opener’s tracks or other mechanical parts of the garage door, it is important to call a technician to perform a garage door repair in Orange County. This is because the paint could impact the door’s ability to open and close.

Cover the Garage Door

When painting the soffits, trim or siding of your garage, you could cover the garage door itself with tarps or brown newspaper. This will prevent any splashes from affecting the garage door. If you are painting other things inside of your garage, such as a woodworking project or your car, consider lifting the garage door up on the tracks. This will also provide ventilation for the paint fumes.

Identify the Type of Paint

When paint is already on your garage door or its tracks, try to identify the type of paint. The technicians will need to know the formulation of the paint in order to go about the best way of removing the splash. For example, car paint has a different formulation than exterior paint for wood surfaces.

Call the Garage Door Repair Service

When paint has splashed onto the laser eye, metal tracks or other parts of the opener, these repairs are best left to professionals. It is also a good idea to leave door panel paint splashes to experienced garage door technicians. They may be able to remove the unwanted paint without damaging the surface or finish of your garage door. After removal of the splash, the door will look unsullied.