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Orange County Zoning Rules for New Garages: What to Know

If you’re moving into a new location and want to begin construction on a garage, then it is important to understand the new zoning rules within Orange county. Understandably, this can be a very frustrating experience to go through, but it’s vastly better than being ordered to tear down your garage by the city. Therefore, the following includes a list of some of the most important Orange County zoning rules you need to follow to build your new garage legally.

Orange County Zoning and Street Rules

The fact is that not all homes will have large front yards. Some homes will be right, almost right next to the street. This makes it difficult for homeowners to install a garage legally. However, one of the most important Orange County zoning rules to keep in mind is that you must allow at least 20 feet of clearance between the garage door and the street. Because sidewalks and the street are public property, you cannot legally have your garage cross this boundary. If you need measurements done correctly, it is highly recommended to seek the services of a Long Beach garage door repair company.

Drainage Zoning Rules

Drainage rules are incredibly important as your neighbors don’t want to be flooded with water or chemicals coming from your garage. That is why a homeowner in Orange County must implement drains within their new garage that move towards your garage and away from your side and rear neighbors.

Height Zoning Rule

Because Orange County wants to keep its neighborhoods uniformed and prevent view-blocking, thus you are not allowed to build your new garage higher than 10 feet. Although higher garage structures are allowed, they would need special approval from the county to move forward.