Types of Openers to Pair With Your Garage Door

The new garage door that you select is only as good as the door opener that you pair it with. However, choosing a garage door opener can make for a difficult decision since there are a variety of types available to you. Knowing more about the pros and cons of each of these openers should help you when finding a new door for your garage. The three main types of openers that you can pair with your garage door include belt drive, screw drive, and chain drive openers.

Screw Drive Opener

This type of opener uses a steel rod to directly move the trolley that closes or opens the garage door. The steel rod rotates in order to move the trolley. Because of how this type of opener operates, there are only a small number of components inside of the system, which means that maintenance is usually kept to a minimum. However, the lower number of components also means that there can be some noise to the system when it’s opening or closing the door. Proper installation by a reputable technician can reduce the amount of noise that occurs with a screw drive opener.

Chain Drive Opener

This is likely the most common type of opener that’s available for you to select. When the opener is put into use, a chain will be used to push or pull the trolley in order to close or open the door. These openers are considered to be highly reliable and are regularly paired with a detached garage.

Belt Drive Opener

This is a type of garage door opener that is outfitted with a belt system that helps to move the door. These openers are usually very quiet because of how the belt system works. Since these openers are nearly silent in comparison to the others, they are perfect for attached garages. The rubber belt used with this system is also easy to replace if ever necessary.