Four Clever Ways to Use Your Old Garage Doors

The garage door service Orange County residents have available to them often focuses on maintaining your current garage doors, but what do you do when it comes time to replace them? Proper disposal is one option. Many agree that recycling is an even better choice, but perhaps the most interesting choice is repurposing them. In fact, four area homeowners have had some rather clever ideas when it comes to this artistic solution.

Create a Tabletop

If your door is made of wood, a coat of quality varnish is often all it takes to create a beautiful tabletop with a rustic aesthetic. Each individual panel helps to emphasis the natural aspects of the wood. A few well-placed hinges later and you can simply mount the top on a base you’ve acquired elsewhere.

Design Planters or Garden Boxes

If your door is made of metal, then an excellent way to repurpose it is to use horizontal sections as the walls for a new planter. In fact, many of the expensive garden boxes you’ll find at local home improvement shops use the same kind of sheet metal.

Build a Greenhouse

If you have a garage door with glass windows, then you have everything needed to design a small greenhouse for your backyard. You can even replace any non-glass squares with glass or cover certain squares up in order to get the right amount of sunlight in the exact areas you want it.

Make a Rustic Bench

Another option for wood doors, particularly if they’re coming off a barn-style garage, is to use the panels as both the base and the legs of a bench that can be positioned near the original site. It’s a charming way to preserve the heritage of the area, and six to nine panels is all it takes for a really large and beautiful bench and decoration.