Garage Doors: What Are Those Noises?

Garage doors make noises. Even garage doors that have been soundproofed will make some noise due to vibrations as they open and close. But what about strange noises? Noises that occur suddenly or once in a while are a warning of a problem that will probably get worse with time. Let’s consider some strange sounds that should motivate you to call your local Huntington Beach garage door repair company as soon as possible.


Squeaking is among the most common problem sounds that garage doors make, but your doors definitely should not squeak. Weather stripping is generally what causes this noise. There is weather strip lubricant available that not only lubricates but serves as a protectant. Such lubrication can be applied annually. Note even with regular and adequate lubrication, weather stripping and its related parts will wear out over time and need to be replaced.


Grinding can range from loud to hard to hear, but even low-level grinding is cause for serious concern. It indicates metal-on-metal friction. Rollers, hinges and springs need to be lubricated regularly, which is something your local expert can do during maintenance. However, grinding can signal problems much more serious than a lack of lube, such as a problem with the chain or belt.


When clinking occurs, it usually happens throughout the entire opening and closing process. This generally occurs because the springs are rubbing together, but it can also mean that the rollers have worn out and need to be replaced. Lubing the springs may help, but it may be time to replace them.


Do you hear a loud thump, clunk or boom when your door opens and/or closes? This means that your opener is struggling with the weight of the door. It usually occurs because a torsion spring has given out. A bad spring should be replaced as soon as possible to avoid further damage.