New and Innovative Garage Technology

In years past, a garage door opener’s only purpose was simply to open the garage door. Gone are the days of one-piece garage doors that you have to open by hand. New and innovative technology has dramatically improved the function and usefulness of the garage door opener. Nowadays, garage door openers can do much, much more.

Today’s garage door openers don’t just open your garage door for you. Modern technology has helped bring significant safety features into the garage as well. Safety sensors shine a beam in the path of closing garage doors to help ensure that nothing is blocking its path. Garage door openers come with a safe closing mechanism as well, which triggers when the garage door has to push down with too much force in order to close. This helps prevent people from being trapped under garage doors, and helps prevent damage to your belongings as well. When the trigger is activated, the garage door will automatically open back up. Some garage door openers also have a feature where the door will close automatically after ten minutes, so it is not mistakenly left open. Backup batteries allow us to open and close the garage door even when there’s a power outage, which improves overall safety in an emergency because you are always able to access your vehicle.

Today’s garage door openers also help keep you connected, even when you’re away from home. Most garage door openers now offer a wi-fi feature that connects the garage door opener to your home’s internet. It sends alerts to your smart phone when the door is opened, and when it is closed, allowing for greater home security and control. Some apps also allow you to open and close the garage door opener directly from the smartphone app. This is helpful if you can’t remember whether or not you closed the garage door, and is great if you need to let visiting family members or repair men into your home when you’re away.

Another modern improvement in the garage is the laser-guided parking assist. A device is mounted on your garage ceiling, and another device is mounted on your car’s windshield. When you have pulled into the garage to a sufficient distance for the door to close, the device beeps.

New and innovative garage technology has helped bring garages into the twenty-first century. Today’s garage door openers can help keep your family safe and connected.