What You Need to Know About Your Garage Door Opener

These days, a garage door openers act as a must-have for any home. We need a garage door opener because of the level of convenience that makes our lives a lot simpler. But problems will eventually arise. When issues occur, you will want to know what the experts in garage door repair in Irvine are talking about when they come to fix your garage door.

What You Should Know About Your Door Opener

Do you know if your garage door opener runs with a chain drive or belt drive? Chain drives have a metal chain while belt drives have a rubber belt that gets reinforced with fibers made of steel. Belt drives tend to make less noise than chain drives.

Do you know if your garage door opener uses AC or DC? Many homeowners have AC door openers as they tend to cost less than their DC counterparts. If your garage door has a backup battery, then it runs on DC.

What trolley does your garage door opener use? You could have either a one piece, which acts as the sturdier choice or the three-piece, which as to get bolted together to stay put.

What kind of power does your garage door opener get? 0.5HP? 0.75HP? Most homes have 0.5 because balanced doors can lift the average garage door.

Garage Door Opener Accessories

You can buy a lot of garage door opener accessories in this day and age. Your garage door opener will come with a remote control that comes with technology that keeps intruders from accessing the signal from your garage door. Every garage door also brings with it automatic reversal systems. These systems make sure that the door will not close if something is in its path.

A lot of door openers have control panels or control buttons on the door. You can use control panels to block access to your garage and home if you plan on being away for an extended period.

Getting the Right Door Opener Accessories for Your Home

Many accessories you can get for your garage door opener won’t exactly break the bank. These include Wi-Fi connectivity, laser sensors for parking purposes, exterior keypads, and miniature remotes that you can easily stick on your keychain.