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7 Common Huntington Beach Garage Door Repairs

Garage door repairs are more common than you might think. Even a well-crafted garage door will experience issues after a while. Whether it be a faulty part or wear and tear, identifying common garage door problems and getting it serviced as soon as possible will help you protect the lifespan of your garage door. Today we’re going to share some of the most common Huntington Beach garage door repairs for homeowners.

1. Opening and Closing the Garage Door

Have you ever had an issue with opening or closing your garage door? You’re not alone. Problems with opening and closing your garage door are common issues for homeowners. Unfortunately, this problem can be a nuisance. Garages that can’t open or close aren’t functional and will necessitate immediate service from a professional.

While you may want to troubleshoot this problem on your own, there are a variety of potential causes that is difficult to identify on your own. For instance, opening and closing your garage door could be a result of a dirty or misaligned photo eye, the operator not receiving any power, broken extension springs, or another issue. In any case, a technician can identify the source of the problem and provide you with the best solution.

2. Blocked Sensors

Another common garage door repair is blocked sensors. Blocked sensors are one of the main causes of a garage door having difficulties opening or closing.

There are many potential causes of a blocked sensor. Thankfully, blocked sensors are usually an easy fix. One simple cause of a blocked sensor could be items in your garage blocking it. But other things may lead to a blocked sensor like dust and grime that blocks the infrared light. Moreover, things like sunlight can block your garage door sensors.

If you believe you have blocked sensors but can’t identify what’s causing the blockage, it’s best to contact a technician to see what the problem may be.

3. Unusual Noises

Have you ever noticed unusual noises coming from your garage door? Don’t just assume that these noises are normal. Your garage will make a sound as it opens and closes, but hearing a series of unusual noises is not something to ignore. The problem is that many homeowners aren’t able to identify unusual noises. For instance, you may hear a clunking or thumping noise when you raise or lower your garage door.

A clinking noise is also a common garage door noise that occurs when the door’s system springs and coils rub together. Other potential noises your garage door may make are banging, scraping, rumbling, or popping noises.

The cause of these sounds can be due to a variety of reasons that won’t be easy to identify on your own. For instance, a clinking sound may be due to rust while a banging or scraping sound may be due to an alignment issue.

If you notice any of these unusual sounds, it’s time to get your garage door checked out by a professional to prevent further issues.

4. Broken Springs

Another common garage door repair is broken springs. Garage door springs are long metal coils that are tightly wound or extended to counteract the weight of the garage door and allow the garage door to open and close on command.

Unfortunately, all springs have a lifespan and can only go through so many cycles before they break. When they do, it will cause your garage door to drop quickly. In this case, you will need to install new springs on your garage door. If you hear your springs snap while your garage is closed, don’t try to open your garage. Doing so can lead to injury.

A professional can install new springs to your garage door and ensure it works like new again.

5. Roller Problems

Rollers come in different materials, which will affect their lifespan. Rollers may come in nylon, plastic, or steel. When rollers become old or rusted, they begin to cause problems with opening your garage door. Once you notice the problem, you’ll want to lubricate them to see if it will fix the issue.

But if the rollers still don’t work after lubrication, you’ll need to get the rollers replaced. It’s possible that your rollers have reached the end of their lifecycle, meaning that no amount of lubrication will help.

6. Alignment Issues

Another common garage door repair is garage door alignment. If you’ve ever noticed that your garage door looks uneven, it means that something is causing an alignment issue.

There are many potential causes of an uneven garage door. For instance, it can be caused by something blocking the way. With that said, it’s important to make sure that nothing is blocking the garage door sensors that would cause an issue.

An uneven garage door could also be caused by rust on one side of your door causing the other side to move faster. But it’s also possible that the problem is with your spring system, and you will need a professional’s assistance.

If you don’t see anything blocking your garage door sensors, and there are no signs of rust, don’t delay in calling a professional so that the alignment problem doesn’t get worse.

7. Garage Door Opening Slowly

A slow-opening garage door can be a pain, especially when you have somewhere to be. But more than that, a slow opening garage door is a sign that something is wrong.

Unfortunately, a slow-opening garage door is a common repair for homeowners. If you are experiencing this problem, you’ll first want to check your rollers to ensure they aren’t dried out. Next, you’ll need to check your tracks to ensure they aren’t dirty. It’s essential to keep tracks and rollers well-lubricated to ensure they continue to move smoothly.

With that said, calling a technician may be necessary if you can’t determine why your garage door is opening and closing slowly. Don’t just assume the problem will correct itself. It will likely get worse if you ignore it.

Huntington Beach Garage Door Repair

Garage doors are complex systems with many moving parts. For this reason, homeowners are bound to experience garage door problems. If you notice any issues with a garage door, don’t ignore them.

Many homeowners believe that these unexplained problems will go away on their own. But garage door issues will only get worse if left unattended. Hiring a technician will ensure that you fix garage door repairs and save money in the long run.