How to Make Your Garage a Garden-Friendly Garage

Lots of homeowners want to start their own gardens. However, not every location is fit for a traditional garden. That doesn’t mean you can’t have one. You could have all you need to create a garden in the shape of your garage. Here’s how you can transform your ordinary garage into a garden-friendly garage.

1. Hang Planters to Make a Garden-Friendly Garage

If space is an issue for you, then you can utilize the blank space of your garage. The support structures of your garage can easily carry a series of planters. You can create rows upon rows of herbs, flowers, and vegetables. After your Long Beach garage door repair, you can make your garage door look even more professional by placing planters on the driveway on either side of it.

2. Hang a Greenhouse Tarp

You can also easily hang a tarp from the garage to create a greenhouse. Simply hang the tarp on either side of the garage and attach it to supports to create a makeshift greenhouse area. Your garage can easily support a greenhouse tarp and provide plenty of sunshine for the plants you place beneath it.

3. Solar Panel Irrigation System

One way that your garage can become a garden-friendly garage is to utilize solar panels. You can have solar panels installed on the roof of your garage. Solar-powered garages can also be tied into your irrigation system. If you need a lot of water for your garden, then you can save energy by tying it to a solar-powered system. Your garage roof can either be made of solar panels or have them installed atop the shingles. If you have enough power left over, you could use it to power parts of your home. The irrigation will keep your flowers thriving.