When many people purchase a home, they fail to realize all of the hidden expenses such as home owner’s insurance and home repairs. Consider the ways you can save money and prepare for repairs ahead of time.

Saving for Home Repairs As a New Homeowner

Life as a new homeowner is filled with a mix of pride because of your newest accomplishment and concern that you can handle it all. After all, this is no longer a place that you’re renting. It’s a place you can call your very own. One of the things to consider is that when appliances and parts are due for repair, you can no longer call maintenance to do it for free as you would in an apartment building. Now, it’s your job to take care of it all yourself. Of course, it’s wise to call professionals to help in the areas you don’t want to do or can’t do on your own. Because of this, it’s very important to put aside money for all these expenses.

Intentional and Gradual Savings

Every dollar out of each paycheck should have its own assignment. It’s important to make sure every dollar has a purpose because it can be easy to veer off of a budget and spend frivolously. When you’re a homeowner, the last position you want to be in involves having major roof damage and being completely unable to pay for the repairs. With each paycheck, set aside a certain amount of money each month to take care of home repairs. It may be best to set the money aside in a separate account so that you won’t be tempted to touch it but you can easily place money in it.


Some repairs only cost a lot of money because they weren’t maintained well. Make a checklist of areas you’ll monitor on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. For example, during the fall, it’s important to stay on top of cleaning the leaves so they don’t get stuck in the gutters. This helps you avoid potential roof, siding or gutter damage. Pay attention when you see a leak or water stain in the ceilings or in the walls. If the garage door tends to sound funny when it’s time for it to open, consider calling a company specializing in garage repair in Long Beach to stay on top of the damage.

A proactive approach to home repairs can make a major difference in whether or not you experience a cheap repair or a really expensive one. It’s better to catch things early. It’s also better to save over a long period of time, so you’ll have the money to take care of your home.