Which Garage Doors Work for Which Projects

A garage door installation Orange County gets installed based on the garage door you want and the needs you have. There’s no one size fits all when your personal taste and ideas are tossed into the mix of garage door installation. Mix things up a bit by learning more about the options that exist and how homeowners can enter a world of creativity.

Sliding Doors

These doors wrap around wall panels as they open. Their sleek garage installations are intended to hide away the garage door for a clean look and a spacious sensation. Instead of horizontal panels that are often seen with garages, the sliding door uses a horizontal rail to hold vertical panels in place. It may be considered the safest option on the market as the horizontal movement is less prone to manipulation. Sliding doors are made with a variety of materials and can fit any home through custom engineering. These Orange County garage doors require little maintenance and can change up the common lines we find in so many neighborhoods.

Folding Doors

Folding doors can be automated or left as manual assemblies that fold vertically or in a horizontal line. The way these Orange County repairs operate give them an artistic appeal within their motion. Folding doors give the homeowner an option of opening only one section at time as needed. Homeowners will find this option effective at eliminating sagging while being able to achieve higher clearances. The two separate panels found with these models create a durable structure. Folding doors also create a canopy when folded upward. This can offer sun protection when the doors are wide open.

Roll-up Doors

These Orange County installations use pulley and spring systems to roll the door up toward the ceiling. Some are operated with an engine to automate the opening and closing. The panels of the door are pulled upward to lay the entire door flush on the ceiling when fully opened. The way roll-up doors are constructed allows them to be installed with insulation. Homeowners can control the temps of their garages by doing so. Roll-ups have become a popular option due to their adaptability in many climates and locations. They offer better insurance rates since they are less prone to malfunctions and are easy to use. Steel components are made for durability and ensure a bit of theft protection. Roll-ups are also space-savers that don’t use cumbersome machinery.