Discover the three key factors that garage door installation technicians go by when they determine which garage door opener will be the best for your specific home and situation.

Three Factors for Choosing the Best Garage Door Opener

When technicians perform a garage door installation in Orange County, this is a great time to install a new garage door opener, too. Garage door openers come in many types and are rated on horsepower. An under-powered opener may have a shortened life span, while an over-powered opener may make too much noise. Consider these three factors used by technicians when they install a new garage door and opener in your home.

Number of Cars

The number of cars in your household is a leading factor in which type of opener to install. A home with just one car will demand less activity of the opener when compared with a household of three or four cars. If you just have one car, a 1/2 horsepower opener may be sufficient, while two or three cars will require a 3/4 HP motor. Four to six vehicles demand a 1 HP opener.

Type of Belt Drive

Rubber belt drives are quieter and have a shorter life span when compared to chain belt and screw drives. The rubber drive requires less maintenance than a chain and screw, which needs regular lubrication and may rust if exposed to moisture or chemicals. Because a rubber belt drive is lighter in weight compared to a chain belt drive, it requires less power to open the door.

Weight and Size of the Door

A double-size, wooden garage door requires a stronger motor to lift it up and down along the tracks. A lightweight reinforced steel door does not require so much power and may weigh just one-quarter the amount of the same size of a wooden door. Also, keep in mind that glass is heavier than steel or aluminum, so garage doors with windows may weigh more. Each type of opener has an acceptable weight range. Be sure to understand the manufacturer’s weight ratings when choosing the opener for your garage.