By implementing a few procedures, you’ll make your garage door open quicker. These tasks are easy to accomplish because the mechanisms that control the speed are located in a convenient area in the garage.

How to Speed Up Your Garage Door

All garage doors have springs, gears, tracks, and pulleys that control how quickly vital mechanical components operate. If you think that your door isn’t opening as quickly as it should, you may be able to speed it up by following a few steps.

Understanding the Speed

You must understand that a residential garage door isn’t designed to open rapidly. On average, a typical door moves seven inches every second. This means that your garage door should complete its journey along the track within 12 to 15 seconds. If your door doesn’t open within this time span, a garage door service Orange County technician can help.

A Simple Solution

Depending on the garage door, you might be able to speed up the system without hiring a technician. For example, if there is a speed setting unit mounted by the opening mechanism, you can make the adjustments yourself. In most cases, these units have a factory preset, which is the lowest speed. Once this setting is changed, a garage door will speed up. However, you should review the owner’s manual before making dramatic changes so that you won’t accidentally damage your door.

Mechanical Issues

When rust builds up, a garage door won’t open in a fast and efficient manner. You can resolve this problem on your own as well by applying oil to the hinges, tracks, and brackets. If the door still functions slowly, consider investing in a special opener.