Learn about different options for lighting the exterior of your garage, especially around the garage door. Better lighting helps your garage to be safer, and it improves the aesthetics of your home.

Try These Three Great Lighting Options for Your Garage Door

A well-lit exterior helps to improve the safety of your home. The right selection of lighting also helps to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home and garage, no matter whether the garage is attached to your home or not. Your local garage door service in Orange County can install different types of lighting onto your home’s garage.

Motion-Detecting Lights

Motion detecting lights can improve the security of your property. If you exercise before sunrise or after sunset, having motion-detecting lights on your garage makes it easier for you to lock and unlock your door as you leave and then come back home. These lights can also be triggered if someone is creeping around your home and trying to break in. Motion-detecting lighting systems can be hardwired and even programmed by the installation technicians.


Bright spotlights can be installed above your home garage door and on the corners of the garage’s walls. These lights deliver a bright beam that light up the entire garage door and a small area in front of it. Spotlights are the most effective in complete darkness. They can be used to brighten the door or your house numbers. These lights enhance safety by making it obvious that someone is trying to open the door. They can also focus attention on the attractive areas of your house.


Exterior sconces can be hung on the walls of your garage to provide aesthetic appeal. Although these fixtures do not provide a lot of illumination, they can help to light small areas such as the path to your front door or the corner of your house. For the most appealing layout, have one of these lights installed on each side of the garage door. The lights come in many styles and colors. You can choose fixtures that coordinate with the color of the garage door.