Three Ways That a Fire Could Damage a Garage Door

Many people do projects such as metalworking or woodworking in their garages. Others may perform auto repairs that require some welding. Some people also get out their propane grills and cook a meal next to the garage. The flames from tools or grills could damage the garage doors, necessitating a prompt Irvine garage door repair in order to prevent worsening of the situation.

Warping of the Panels

Intense heat may warp the panels of a garage door. This is most likely with a garage door that is made from vinyl or fiberglass. A lightweight aluminum garage door could also experience warping of the panels. Garage doors that are made of wood may not warp from the heat, but the panels could char or have some damage from the water used to extinguish the flames.

Weakening of the Frame and Hardware

If the flames reach the area near the edges of the garage door, the door’s frame and hardware could be damaged. The frame of the door is usually made from wood with vinyl trim. The vinyl could melt. The hardware, which is typically made from thin stainless steel or aluminum, could also warp or become weak after exposure to the heat of a fire.

Distortion of the Tracks

Heat causes chemical changes to metal, which could result in distortion of the tracks that allow a garage door to open and close. Even a slight bending or twisting of the metal could impede the movement of the garage door. The quick application of water onto the hot metal could cause a rapid cooling, resulting in a permanent distortion that cannot be banged out. The tracks of the door may need replacement.