Top Garage Door Trends in 2018

The garage door is not only a functional item of residential buildings, but it also contributes to the aesthetics of the exterior setting. When you’re ready to upgrade your garage door and replace it with a new product, it’s important to choose a door that is contemporary and modern. If you’re ready to begin shopping around, there are a few garage door trends to keep in mind for 2018.

Larger Windows

Windows continue to be a decorative feature used on garage doors because they allow natural light into the garage and also contribute to the style of the home. Bigger is better with windows for a beautiful feature that increases the functionality of the garage. Larger windows look modern and stylish if you want to install a new door that has an upscale and regal design, which can boost the value of your home. If you want to maintain your privacy, consider frosting the windows to secure the interior setting without blocking the light.

Faux Wood

Faux wood is increasing in popularity among homeowners for garage doors because it adds a rich element that provides timeless elegance. Authentic wood doesn’t withstand the elements, which is why faux wood is an ideal choice for fiberglass and steel garage door options if you want to avoid paying for Long Beach garage door repair. The wood design can contribute to the style of the home and make it stand out in the neighborhood when you want to make a statement. Opt for a garage door that features dark wood, which is vibrant and looks upscale.

Bold Color Shades

Although neutral color shades have commonly been used on garage doors in past years, more homeowners are choosing bright and bold garage doors. Consider installing a garage door that has a color shade that pops and stands out but still complements the color scheme or architecture of the building. The top color shades include navy, red, sage, and yellow.