How Your Lower Garage Door Carriage Can Hurt You

Moving fast and getting into a safe routine with our garage doors can lead us to forget a few things. The lower space between the floor of our garages is an important space. Here is where damage can occur if objects are found at the bottom of your garage’s opening when the door closes. The best bet is to keep this space clear of objects and debris after an Anaheim garage door repair. Most objects found in this area cause modern doors to reopen or stop short of a complete close when you leave. Reducing damage and maintaining safety are the reasons this space has to allow the door to close. Here are some reasons why garage door repairs need to stay clear of debris.


Sensitivity is built into modern Anaheim garage doors through laser sensors. These sensors work both in and outside of the garage door. They are aware of when a vehicle pulls up and when something is in the way of the door. Objects captured by these sensors can trigger the door to open as an emergency. This stops heavy garage doors from causing injury to family members or destroying valuables that you may have forgotten were there. This sensitivity is key to safety and an important piece to why you need this lower space clear of debris. Not ensuring a clear space will cause the doors to remain open, and you won’t be able to drive away.

Manual or Automatic

Manual doors are just as useful as any garage door you find on the market. These new installations have to be maintained by allowing them to fully close. The closing should create a seal that air, light or objects won’t be able to get through after repairs and installations. Objects that are already in the way won’t allow the door to fully close. You will then have to manually open the door and remove anything in the way. By first clearing this space, you’ll make it easy to enter and exit your garage without delays in the process.