smart garage using security camera

Keep Track of Your Teen With These Smart Garage Features

Although teenagers think they’re independent, parents know that they still need a few more years to mature into their personality. During this time, parents must ensure that they are both safe and not getting themselves into trouble. Because the home garage is one of the largest and more convenient areas of the home, it can also be the area where your teenagers are going through pass through. The following includes a list of smart garage features to add to keep track of your teen.

Smart Garage Security

Even though your home may already have a security system, that does not mean it’s fully protected. One of the most common errors homeowners make is forgetting to extend or add a smart garage security system. As stated above, the garage is the largest opening and thus the easiest for thieves to get into if your teenager is home alone. Smart systems are extremely beneficial as they not only sound a loud alarm but may also be able to contact the authorities. It is recommended to have a garage door repair Orange County company make the installation as they know the various components that need to be maneuvered around.

Garage Door Camera/App

Over the years, innovations in app-based home cameras have improved drastically. If you’re worried that your teenager has been sneaking out through the garage or simply keeps forgetting to close it after they leave, then installing a camera is your best bet. In fact, many garage cameras will connect right to the door opener. This allows you to receive instant notifications of who is going into your garage door and even check through a live feed what is going on. This is extremely helpful if you’re stuck at work and cannot leave to check on your teenager.