This blog post will educate homeowners by providing safety and security tips that they can use to be safe in their garage.

How to Keep Your Garage Safe and Secure

When you get a new garage door from an Orange County garage repair company, you get a heightened level of convenience added to your life. It also adds beauty and curb appeal to your house. While you may think that garage safety tips are common knowledge, this blog post will give you different ways to keep you and your family safe in and around your garage.

Garage Safety Tips: Part 1

Update your garage door technology: By getting an electric garage door opener, you can add a level of convenience that you can’t get with a garage door opener that’s located on your car visor.

Keep your children safe: Teach your children to never play around the garage door while it is opening or closing. Doing so can cause grave injury or death. Always supervise your children while your garage door is in motion.

Always Be Closing: When you keep your garage door open, it could become an open invitation for criminals with bad intentions to enter your home. Even rodents could enter your home looking for food. To prevent both situations, keep your garage door shut when it’s not in use.

Keep Your Garage Door in Good Condition: Your garage door acts as a vital part of your home. Get your garage door checked out on a regular basis. Not only should you lubricate the moving parts in your garage door, but you should also check the fasteners to make sure that they are working properly.

Garage Safety Tips: Part 2

Safety First: Periodically check the safety features on your garage door. Do this when you change the smoke alarm batteries. Some of the features that you should check include the photo eye and the set operator that lifts back up when it hits an object.

Keep Your Windows Covered: If your windows don’t have a cover, neighbors and strangers can look in your garage. Either get curtains or purchase frosted windows.

Always Lock Your Manual Garage Door: If you have a manual door, you will want to keep it locked whenever you are out of the home. If you have an electric operating system that is engaged, this will lock your door.

Why These Tips Are Important

Your garage door protects you, your family, and your home. Following these tips will ensure that your house is protected against tragic injuries, criminal activity, and rodent infestations.