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Which Costs Less – Huntington Beach Garage Door Repair or Replacement?

If the garage door on your home malfunctions, you might ask yourself, is it cheaper to contract for Huntington Beach garage door repair or to replace a garage door? It depends on the problem with the door.

Contact a garage door repair and installation company like Precision Garage Door that offers free estimates. This gets you a professional opinion on the malfunction and may uncover underlying or related issues.

Having a professional repair service create this estimate provides you with a written estimate for your insurance company. Filing a claim on your homeowner’s insurance can mean the difference between paying out of pocket for the repairs and your insurance policy covering the expense.

When Garage Door Repairs Cost Less Than Replacement

Typically, it costs less to repair the problem than to replace the garage door. Let’s look at a few scenarios some of which include replacing a part of the garage door.

• Loose chain – Expect chain replacement or repair to range between $80 and $350, plus the cost of a new chain. Chains typically cost $50 or less.

• Motor Repairs – Essential motor repairs cost about $150. When the problem involves wiring, you’ll need to also hire a licensed electrician, which ranges in cost from $100 to $300 on average.

• Motor Replacement – Replacing the motor that operates the garage door opener costs an average of $85 to $250, depending on the type of opener.

• Garage Door Opener Repair – It costs between $186 and $548 to repair the garage door opener unit. This also depends on the type of opener.

• Garage Door Opener Replacement – Purchasing and installing a new garage door opener costs, on average, between $300 and $940.

• Spring Repairs – This category of repairs offers the widest range of costs because repairing one spring typically costs between $40 and $60. If a spring can’t be repaired, a replacement costs about $800.

• Garage Door Opener Sensor Replacement – If the garage door sensor malfunctions, a professional installer typically recommends replacement, which averages in cost between $99 and $198. That’s because the sensor handles recognizing when something stands in the doorway. For instance, it stops the door from shutting on a person or animal.

Ask your repair person if a refurbished part could work just as well as a new one. This can save nearly 50 percent of the cost of the part.

When Huntington Beach Garage Door Repair Costs More Than Replacement

Sometimes, a few seemingly small problems pile up, and the cost of repairing the garage door exceeds the cost of a new door. For example, if a garage door motor and the opener break down at the same time, repairs could exceed $1,000. That exceeds the cost of a basic garage door.

Even with labor included, replacing a garage door can cost less than repairs if more than one costly item breaks. Purchasing the garage door through the installation firm can sometimes land you a discount on the door.

When a new door costs less, consider upgrading the type of garage door on your home. The latest door designs offer improved insulation, security, and function. They also come in a variety of designs.

Replacing your existing garage door with a roll-up design costs the least, but it does little to transform the look of your home. A new door still adds to your home’s curb appeal regardless of the design.

Estimating the Cost of a New Garage Door

Updating the exterior look of your garage does more than make your home look pretty. It makes it safer, too. A new door includes a new motor and new opener system.

Everything comes together for one price. That price varies depending on the style of the door, materials used in its manufacture, and any special features added to it.

A plain steel or aluminum roll-up door costs the least, typically $500 or less. An upgrade to a steel or aluminum roll-up door that uses a carriage house door design, which upgrades the appearance of your home’s exterior, adds about $300 to the cost. Expect to pay approximately $800 for this type of garage door.

Choosing a wood garage door design costs about $2,000 but adds to the home’s beauty. These may slide up or open out like traditional carriage house doors.

Bead board doors fall between those two options in cost. They typically cost about $900.

A solid garage door usually costs less. Garage doors that feature small windows on the top row cost a bit more, about $200 to $300 for the price.

Any garage door that uses a high-grade of wood, such as aspen or cedar, typically ranges from $3,000 to $4,000. You could update your Orange County garage door with one of these garage doors and recoup a portion of the expense on its resale value.

Garage doors that use a series of glass panes in a metal frame fall into a similar cost category. They usually cost about $4,000.

Getting Your Garage Door Repaired or Replaced

Whether you need Huntington Beach garage door repair or replacement, hire a professional to do the work. Some municipalities require a permit for garage door replacement and they can obtain this for you.

When you need Anaheim garage door repair or want to upgrade your garage’s look with a new door, contact Precision Garage Door. We offer garage door installation services, repairs and maintenance and serve the greater Orange County area. Contact us today for an installation, maintenance or repair appointment.