Do I Have to Insulate My California Garage?

Since you live in California, you may wonder why you should insulate your home garage. National building standards say that homeowners don’t have to insulate their garages. Some organizations say that if you have a shared wall with an attached garage, then you will need a particular type of R-value. These groups also say that if you have a room above your garage ceiling, it requires a specific R-value. However, you don’t need anything for the other walls. You’ll also be told that you don’t have to follow any regulations if you have a detached garage.

Since you live in California, you won’t have to deal with a lot of cold weather. This article will tell you why you should still think about insulating your home garage with the help of experts in garage door repair in Orange County.

Cold Weather Can Get Into Your Home

Both the access door and the shared wall between your home and garage usually contain insulation. However, this insulation only keeps out the cold when you close your garage door. When you open your garage door, the cold air from your home’s uninsulated garage gets into your house. Then the warm air from your house goes into your garage, wasting your valuable dollars.

You Can Protect Your Property From the Elements

As a Californian, you probably have a lot of recreational equipment such as water skis, boats, and kayaks stored in your garage. However, you don’t want to worry about what will happen to them if they get ruined by inclement weather. For example, humidity tends to infiltrate uninsulated garages. As a result of this moisture, you can get a lot of rust and mold in equipment that’s stored in your garage. But you won’t need to worry about any of this if you get your garage insulated.

You Get Natural Sound Insulation

When you insulate your garage, you can stop noise from entering or exiting your home. Now, if your daughter wants to play on her drum set, she won’t disturb the neighbors, and you won’t bother the whole neighborhood if you want to work with your power drill in the middle of the night.