garage door safety device

Install Garage Door Safety Devices to Stay Out of Danger

Garage door safety devices are what keep you and your family safe from the dangers of garage doors. A garage door is the largest moving item in a home and accidents occur when people do not ensure they are following safe practices. Here are some ways you can install garage door safety devices to avoid common dangers.

Do a Garage Door Safety Device Checkup

First of all, if anything on your garage door is broken, it needs to be repaired immediately, especially if your garage door is the main entrance to your home. Most garage doors come standard with a safety sensor and safety cable. If your garage door does not have one of these items, you should get them installed as soon as possible. Safety cables prevent the springs and other mechanisms on the garage door from flying across your garage. These items withstand a lot of heavy pressure when the garage door is opened or closed. If they break or malfunction, they can possibly injure people and/or damage property. Safety sensors, also called an electric eye, prevent a garage door from closing on someone, which is the most common way people get hurt when operating garage doors.

Use Phone Apps

If you have a smartphone, you can get a sensor attached to your garage door, which will provide the best security advantage over any other type of garage door security system. This sensor works with your Apple iPhone or Android phone or device to allow you to monitor your garage door from anywhere. You can also receive alerts whenever your garage door opens or closes and even if the garage door is disengaged if someone decides to operate it manually. These types of apps provide the highest level of safety since you are able to monitor your garage door at any time. They also provide an added level of security when you are not at home.

Ensure Proper Maintenance

When you install garage door safety devices, an Irvine garage door repair service will be able to help you determine which devices are recommended to help you ensure the highest level of safety when operating your garage door. In addition to checking all of the cables, springs, pulleys, and rollers, a qualified garage door professional will also be able to help you decide which devices are needed to repair or upgrade your garage door.