Determining Garage Door Repair Needs Following a Storm

Irvine, CA, gets just under 15 inches of rain per year, far less than the national average. Even so, there are times when storms can bring heavy rains and high winds. After making sure the rest of your home is fine, take a moment to check your attached or separate garage. Any signs of damage should be reason enough to call on an Irvine garage door repair professional to assess storm damage and your garage door safety.

Check All Obvious Parts

Start by looking for obvious signs of panels that are loose, cracked, or warped. Next, take a look at the tracks. Do they appear to be properly aligned? Visually inspect the area immediately behind your garage door. If you’re not seeing a bunch of water on the floor, your door likely held its own during the storm. Wrap up your initial check by using your remote to open and close the door. If everything appears to be working, move on to the next step.

Disengage the Door from the Opener

Pull the red handle to disengage your automatic opener. This will allow you to check for signs of damage without burdening the track. Your door should be able to slide easily when you attempt to lift it. If your door is difficult to move, it may be due to a damaged torsion spring. A professional should handle repairs like this due to the potential for injury with anything involving springs. If everything looks functional, re-engage your garage door and test the opener to make sure it’s working as expected. Even if you’re not seeing obvious signs of damage, it never hurts to schedule an inspection after a severe storm.

Take Some Steps Prior to a Storm When Possible

Pressure changes from a severe storm can affect a garage door’s ability to keep moisture and wind out. If you know a storm is coming, check the weather-stripping around your door to make sure it’s not worn or missing in areas. Also, see how well your door is closing to further reduce your odds of seeing damage from a storm inside of your garage. Finally, if you’re noticing issues with your garage door, such as weak lock or wobbling while in operation, that may compromise your property’s safety during a storm, schedule repairs while the weather is still cooperating to minimize damage risks.