Ways to Increase the Longevity of Your Garage Door

Garage doors are built to last and are one of the most durable features on residential properties. The materials and parts that are used are created to last several years or decades to ensure that they offer protection on the home and are easy to use. If you want to increase the longevity of your garage door, there are a few tips to follow.

Understand Your Garage Door

Make it a point to understand how your garage door operates by reading the manual to ensure that you can get an idea of how it’s constructed. Both the garage door and the garage door opener come with a manual and work differently. You’ll need to follow the maintenance and repair tips that are included to ensure that the parts continue to stay in good condition and don’t become loose or damaged due to misuse of the door. Neglecting the parts will require you to hire a company to perform a garage door installation in Orange County several years sooner than necessary. Knowing how the mechanisms are designed to work can allow you to identify issues early on and avoid neglecting the parts.

Inspect the Rollers and Fasteners

Most rollers last seven years before they need to be replaced. Inspect the rollers every six months to look for chipping, cracking, or excessive wear that has occurred. The rollers will need to be lubricated during the inspection. Open and close the door a few times to look for any issues or listen for noise that sounds unusual. Hex-head bolts also need to be inspected because they’re prone to becoming loose as the garage door opens and closes, which causes vibration. Avoid tampering with any bolts that are red, which should only be handled by a professional.

Clean the Exterior

Clean the garage door’s exterior to prevent wear and keep it looking new. Use a mild detergent and scrub the surface of the door with a sponge to remove dirt and grime that has accumulated before rinsing it off with water. You may also need to paint the garage door if it’s constructed of wood or steel.