Most leading paint companies recently announced their 2019 color trends for the interior and exterior of homes. The unveiled shades are more thoughtful and contemplative. Top interior designers explain that this year’s color palettes are all about how individuals can incorporate mindfulness into color trends and their everyday lives.


Where last year’s color picks were all about bold statements, this year’s selections are toned down while remaining essential and reflective. Think twilight mist purple hues, warmed desert-inspired terracotta clay shades, saturated moody blues and dark forest greens. Gorgeous jewel tone accents like deep emerald greens, softer muted aquamarine gemstones, and intense sapphires are being seen on everything from furniture to decorative items.


How to Use This Year’s Reflective Color Selections as a Springboard for Room Designs


Getting away from previous year’s color collections that were stark and super polarizing like brilliant white against deep blacks, this seasons color palettes are being described as effortless and gently muted as the layered hues blend softly together. Last year’s millennial pink is now a dusty rose and is showing up on accent walls in rooms where mellow grays on furniture are merged with purples, navy hues, and sedate browns. This mixture of colors creates the desired calming grey undertones that induce peaceful thoughts and deeper introspection.


Other trending colors for home design includes rich muted purples perfect for a bedroom, pale blush tones with lemon yellow accent color pops, forest-inspired hunter green for a neutral backdrop hue seen now in kitchens or vintage living rooms paired with creamy ivory details. If wanting a new take on natural hues, pick colors based on natural wooden tones such as pine, oak or ashy maple hues. Instead of the bright white everything style, bring in some warmer undertones like pale rose used as a neutral color showcased with dimmed monochromatic, complementary shades.


Tips for Choosing Energetic Hue Combos Without Going Overboard


While the color experts have determined that this season’s color groupings should be a bit understated and less aggressive, there are still some pumped up color combinations that can give a space that sass ambiance, without coming across as too blatantly obvious. Try the new living coral hue that takes the somewhat pinkish-orange shade and pair with bursts of glorious sunshine yellow with creamy white contrasts.


Using golden tones like an afternoon inspired sunny yellow sofa situated in a room with cool shades of aquamarine greens, blues, and even muted pinks is an ideal way to convey hope, happiness and an optimistic can-do spirit. Many design experts predict that homes will be displaying a revamped 70’s inspired color and decor staples with an edgier vibe. Throw in electrifying citrus orange, lime green or bold yellow for a vintage effect that is still relevant in today’s lifestyles.


More Color Trends Expected to Flourish This Year


Authentic woodsy hues are all the rage today. Expect to see more wooden interiors from beams to walls and in flooring. Home builders are incorporating more natural light into living spaces, and this goes well with neutral mushroom shades on furniture and window treatments. Interior design artists are using misty pale blues in kitchens and dining spaces. This looks fantastic partnered with matte black or darker brown range hoods, natural wood or rattan bar stools and pewter silver pots and pans.


Desert shades and southwest patterns are gaining ground as trendsetting designs. Darker berry colors like deep raspberry go together with creamy butter yellow to beige tones with black picture frames or wrought iron vintage mirrors used as accents. It is possible to take the non-aggressive hunter green hue on a wall with gold gilt mirrors, and dove grey painted furniture to create a beautiful room that inspires tranquility and rest.


New Ideas for Home Exterior Shades for 2019


While most of the above color combination are being used in the interiors of homes, there are some new color options to improve your home’s exterior in 2019, including your garage doors. Here, the classic look of a pristine white exterior offset by black shutters, roofs, and accent features takes on a little-added charm with additions of softer blues or grays.


Expect to see darker against dark tones with a rich charcoal gray, deep blues, winter-berry reds and mossy forest greens in this year’s exterior designs. Accent colors like rich ivory will also be prevalent. Speaking of the forest, home builders are utilizing nature reflective hues like layers of green, wooden features and texture details such as natural stones. More homeowners will also continue to add outdoor amenities like decks, balconies, patios and elaborate porches. Spa-like elements and features are also popular this season.


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