How Winter Weather May Harm a Garage Door

Winter weather can wreak havoc on a garage door in a variety of different ways. If it is cold out, it is likely to be sleeting or snowing, and that means the potential for water damage. It is also possible that cold temperatures will make it harder for the door to open or shut properly.

How Cold Weather Prevents a Door From Opening

There are two ways in which cold weather may prevent a door from opening. First, when temperatures get below freezing, any liquid on the ground will freeze solid. If water freezes around the garage door, it will be stuck there until it melts. In the meantime, the door cannot open because it won’t be able to generate enough force to break through the ice.

In addition, the electrical system that sends signals to the door may not work. This means that the remote opener in the car or the opener inside the garage itself may not work properly. Even if the electrical system does work, it may only work from a close range.

Weather May Cause Physical Damage to a Garage Door

A garage door may be physically damaged by excessive snow, ice or rain. This is because the water may expand as it begins to freeze. The expanding water can damage both the garage door itself and the frame. Keeping gutters free from ice or other debris can reduce the odds that it spills over the edge of the gutter and onto the garage door.

Taking Care of Damage Today May Prevent Larger Repairs Later

Calling a garage door repair Irvine company may make it easier to take care of a door that has been damaged by wet or cool weather. Even if a door looks like it is in good shape, it may be a good idea to have it inspected on an annual basis to catch small issues before they can spiral out of control.