Installing a hurricane-proof garage door can help protect your home from strong wind gusts that could otherwise blow out the door and cause serious structural damage to your home.

Three Benefits of Installing a New Hurricane-proof Garage Door

When you are planning a garage door installation in Orange County, you will have to choose the type of garage door to install. In addition to all the different materials and styles, you might wish to install a door that is hurricane proof. While hurricanes do not make landfall in Orange County, there are many benefits to installing this type of a door on your home.

Wind Resistance

The leading benefit of installing a hurricane-proof door on the garage of your home is the boost in wind resistance. Places such as Orange County do occasionally experience heavy wind gusts in excess of 75 miles per hour, which is the threshold for a hurricane. A typical garage door and regular installation may not be able to withstand this type of a wind gust, much less sustained winds of this speed. The extra bracing and strength of a hurricane-proof garage door is made to handle these winds.

Strength Against Foul Weather

A hurricane-proof garage door also offers strength against other types of foul weather. A hailstorm could blow out a door that lacks sufficient bracing. The techniques and materials used in a hurricane-proof garage door are more likely to withstand medium to large-sized hailstones.

Increased Resistance Against Forced Entry

The bracing used in a built-in reinforced hurricane-proof garage door offers constant resistance against forced entry. With this type of door, you can have peace of mind when traveling away from home for a vacation or during the day when you are out at work or running errands. The added brackets, posts and hinges make it nearly impossible for anyone to forcibly enter through the garage door. These same techniques can be used on the other doors leading into your home. This will help to protect your belongings and your family from unauthorized access to your home.