huntington beach garage door repairUnderstanding Garage Door Parts and Huntington Beach Garage Door Repair

Part of being a good homeowner is taking care of your garage door. Your garage is the largest opening to your house. Therefore, it is important to maintain it. You can do so by learning about the different parts that make up the garage door. Then, reach out to Huntington Beach garage door repair services to have them repaired or replaced. Orange county garage door technicians can be easy to find.

Door Panels

The part of the garage door you see is the garage door panel. Having a nice garage door panel can improve the curb appeal of your home. You can choose a style that reflects your tastes. You can also improve your garage door panel to keep intruders out and make your garage door more energy efficient.

Flush Panel

If you want a panel that is simpler, you may like a flush panel. They don’t have any decorative elements. You can also use this panel to highlight the color of your house.

Raised Panel

Raised garage door panels are pretty common. You may recognize them. Those are the panels that have the raised rectangular patterns. Their main function is to add depth throughout your garage door.

Recessed Panel

A recessed garage door panel is the opposite of a raised panel. Rather than the rectangular patterns being elevated or raised, they are instead recessed.

Bead Board Panel

Much like the raised panel and the recessed panel, the Bead Board panel has rectangular patterns that repeat themselves throughout the panel. However, they are neither recessed or elevated. The rectangular patterns have lines running through them as a design feature.

Ribbed Panel

Ribbed panels have horizontal grooves that run across the panels. It is a more simplistic design.

Long Panel

Recessed, raised, and bead board panels can all be long panels. A long panel basically means that the rectangular patterns on the panel are longer. They are long enough to fit two rectangles across a panel.

Short Panel

The opposite of a long panel is a short panel. The rectangular patterns can fit four rectangles across a panel. They can also be recessed, raised, or bead board panels.

Door Sections to Check During Huntington Beach Garage Door Repair

Your garage door panel is made up of sections. The sections are the parts of your garage that bend as you open it. There are some doors that don’t have sections. Rather the garage door tilts as it is being opened. The tilting garage doors are not as popular though.

Torsion Spring

You will find the torsion spring on the inside of your garage door. The torsion spring moves in a twisting motion called torque. Its torque is responsible for lifting most of the weight of the garage door. You can also use the torque to manually lift open the garage door when necessary.

Your torsion spring should match the weight of your garage door. So, make sure you have the right one. In order to find out your garage door’s weight, detach the cables and put a scale underneath it.

Not having the right torsion spring or not installing it properly, can create stress for the garage door parts as well as the garage door opener. Poor installation can also lead to the garage door becoming misaligned. A misaligned garage door is very dangerous as the garage door can drop suddenly. The best way to make sure your torsion spring is installed properly is to have a professional do it.

Vertical Tracks

The vertical track is a very important aspect of opening the garage door. The track consists of two metal beams. The beams run on both sides of the garage door in a vertical position from the inside. As the garage door opens, it rides the track.


In the vertical track, you will see small wheels. These are the garage door rollers, and they are actually attached to the garage door. With the rollers your garage door can move up and down on the vertical track in an easy manner when the garage door is opening and closing.


The hinges of the garage door are in between two sections. They allow the garage door to bend easily as it is opening. The leaf hinges are usually long and go in the space between the two sections that cover the garage door.

Lock Bar

A lock bar prevents intruders from getting into your garage and house. If someone tries to force the garage door open, the lock bar engages with the vertical track. Subsequently, intruders are unable to open the door and gain entry.


Weatherstripping is an important part of keeping your house energy efficient. Located ed at the bottom of the garage door, it’s purpose it to keep drafts and other weather elements from getting into your home. It also keeps heat from escaping your home.

Garage Door Opener

The garage door opener is an important part of the garage door. Whether you have an electric or smart garage door opener, it has its own parts as well that would be useful to know.

Drive Unit

The drive unit is the large box on your garage’s ceiling. It is the garage door opener’s main part. Inside the drive unit is the motor that is responsible for the garage door opener running.

Opener Remote

The drive unit’s motor can be activated by the garage door opener remote. you can choose from a variety of remote styles. You can also hardwire them inside the garage to make it easier for you to open your garage door.

You can also keep a wireless remote in your car. With the wireless remote, you are able to open your garage door from the inside or outside. You just need to be within a certain radius. As you approach your home with your car, you can open your garage and park your car.

Another option you can do is install a keypad to your garage door’s frame. With a keypad, you can set a numerical code to get into your garage. The correct code will allow the garage door to open.

With the advancement of technology, smart products are becoming more abundant. Having a smart garage door opener makes it possible for you to open your garage door with your smartphone regardless of your location.

Horizontal Track

Another part of the garage door opener is the horizontal track. Your carriage moves on the garage door opener’s horizontal track so that your garage door can open.


The chain is an important part of lifting your garage door. As the motor starts to run, the chain pulls the carriage on the horizontal track. This mechanism lifts the garage door open.


The carriage opens the garage door when the chain pulls it. It is also known as the traveler because it has to be pulled on the horizontal track for the garage door to open.


The bracket connects the carriage to your garage door. You will find it on the exterior of the carriage as well as the garage door’s surface.

Emergency Release Rope

If your garage door opener malfunctions, the emergency release rope allows you to open your garage door so you can get out. Your garage door opener can malfunction during a power outage. You can find the release rope as it is red and dangling from the carrier.

Some garage doors have a key hole on the exterior that is used to operate the emergency release. Simply turn the key and pull it out. This will allow you to tug on the emergency release rope. Then, you can open the garage door manually. If there is an emergency, you don’t have to worry about being locked out.


Garage door sensors keep the garage door from closing on an object or person that is obstructing its path. You can install one of two sensors. The first one is placed at the garage door’s bottom. When this sensor comes in contact with an object or family member, the sensor will cause the door to stop and go back up.

The second type of sensor is the eye sensor. They are at the bottom of the vertical track. You will find these facing each other on either side of the garage door. The sensors face each other so an invisible beam can go between them. If something causes the beam to break as the door is closing, the garage door will go back up.

Huntington Beach Garage Door Repair

There are many parts that make up a garage door. If you have a garage door in Orange County and one or more of the components is acting up, you can find a technician to help you repair it.