Pros and Cons of a Smart Garage Door System According to Huntington Beach Garage Door Repair Companies

If you’re in the market for a new home or simply looking to upgrade your current garage, the thought of adding a smart garage door system may have crossed your mind. Understandably, you may be a tad bit concerned about suddenly connecting your garage door to the internet as well as the cost to do so. It’s okay; many Huntington Beach garage door repair companies acknowledge that people like yourself are correct to feel this way. Although electronically powered garage doors have been a thing for decades already, the introduction of other smart features can be a little daunting. That is why the following includes a few of the pros and cons of adding a smart garage door system to your home.

What Are Smart Home Garage Door Systems According to Huntington Beach Garage Door Repair Companies?

As stated above, having smart features within a garage door is a fairly new technology that many residential owners may not be too familiar with. That is why it was so important for us to first include a small section explaining the concept of a smart garage door. According to many Huntington Beach garage door repair companies, one of the first areas that tend to confuse homeowners is the control used to open the door. Smart garage doors will usually utilize a Wi-Fi-enabled garage door opener. A garage door orange county installation company will install this type of opener so that your phone is then allowed to connect to the door. You may be saying that you already have a garage door opener. Later we will touch on why having multiple types of controllers may be a good thing.

Pro: Never Losing Your Control

One of the most common issues amongst homeowners is either losing their garage door control or having it constantly run out of batteries. When an Orange County garage door installation company finishes adding your smart garage door opener, you can now control it directly from your smartphone. This allows you to open and close your door without the need to locate your control, thus eliminating the need to wait to replace your control if you ever lose it. In addition, because your phone is constantly and easily charged, you never have to worry about it losing power and having to go out and purchase a new set of batteries.

Pro: Enhanced Security

Understandably, homeowners may feel a little be concerned about adding another part of their home to the internet. However, the pros of adding a smart garage door system most always outweigh the disadvantages. For example, have you ever been driving to work or school and begun second-thinking if you actually closed the garage door? Through the use of a smart garage door system, that thought isn’t going to keep you from focusing on work. Simply check your door app, and you can make sure it’s close directly from your phone. In addition, some doors may connect directly to your home security cameras allowing you to see who is going in and out of your door throughout the day.

Pro: Protecting Your Packages

As more and more people begin to purchase their items online, criminals, often called “porch pirates,” are beginning to scout neighborhoods during the workweek in order to get a quick payday. Unfortunately, delivery drivers can only do so much to protect your packages when they arrive. However, by utilizing a smart garage door, you may be able to help them protect your packages even further. Smart doors often come with the ability to provide people with temporary codes. Most delivery drivers will be happy to quickly open your garage door and place the items within it. Don’t worry; you will also be notified when your door has been opened and closed.

Con: Time and Cost of Installation by Huntington Beach Garage Door Repair Professionals

If you’re looking to add the latest version of a smart precision door, the initial cost may come as a surprise. Although the cost for the hardware and installation can be as low as $200, more complicated garages may quickly increase that price to $1,500. However, it is always recommended that you take the time to speak with a Newport Beach garage door repair company as a means of receiving a much more accurate price on your particular door. Lastly, the time it takes for an installation company to get your smart system going may be an inconvenience, but most jobs won’t take much more than a few hours.

Con: Possibility of Hacking Your Garage Door

Although smart garage door companies are upgrading technology every day to help diminish the chances of this happening, it is still(although low)a very real possibility. Hackers are becoming very savvy in the ways they attempt to hack into your garage door often with methods that don’t even require them to be at your residence. That is why it is recommended to ask about any anti-hacking features your system has before investing in it.