Ways for Improving Your Garage to Stand Against Storm Damage

Every year, houses are subjected to a lot of battering wind and rain. Sometimes, this can result in a tree or other debris being used to damage the home. While many homeowners seek methods for protecting their house against the storm, few actually do the same for their garage. As a result, the safety of their garage is limited. It can be broken and become a vulnerable place for the rest of the home. To reinforce your garage so it can stand up against storm damage, consider implementing some of these tips to improve your garage.

Improving Your Garage Begins with the Door

The most vulnerable part of your garage is the door. It’s large and going to see the brunt of the storm damage. If it isn’t reinforced, then the door can shatter or dent. You can reinforce it by having the door either be made of steel or with steel backings. This essentially makes the door wind and storm-resistant. No matter how hard the wind blows, the door won’t cave in due to the steel backing. With that in place, you’ll likely need fewer garage door repair Irvine services performed.


Another big problem that garages face during a storm is flooding. Since garage doors don’t always seal to the floor, a crack can form. Water can seep in slowly and fill up the garage. Since attached garages share a wall with the house, the home is subject to water damage, too. That is a big safety concern. One method for improving your garage is to install a drainage system within the garage. Any water that seeps into the garage can be carried safely away to a dumpsite. Your home won’t be subjected to potential water damage.


Garages can be vulnerable locations on the home for storm damage. These tips can help reinforce your garage safely. Limit storm damage for your home today.