Adding Value to Your Home with Your Garage Doors

You may associate the garage door service Orange County homeowners have available to them with repairs and the like, but there are aesthetic upgrades, smart home features, and much more that an can make your garage more convenient and useful and your home more beautiful and valuable overall.

Curbside Appeal

There’s a lot going on with your garage doors, and it doesn’t take much to make them a focal point of your home. Whether you’re selling a home or just sprucing it up, there are many door styles, colors, patterns, textures, glass options, and more than can really deliver curb appeal. A recent trend bucks tradition and colors the garage doors differently than the front door to add eye-catching contrast.

Smart Features

Many homeowners are adding automation systems in order to make their homes more convenient, feature-rich, and valuable. Your smart home isn’t limited to your primary living space. It can extend to your garage and other areas as well. Smart and Wi-Fi-connected garage door openers are a great way to make your home more secure and a lot easier to drive in to and out from.

Pet Access

Another excellent way to add value to your home is pet access. With a connected garage, you can add access at the inner door, the side exit door, and even the garage doors themselves. This makes the garage a great place for pets to lounge, have play areas, and find shelter from the elements.


Garage doors can take a lot of damage during bad storms, but doors can be bolstered and thus provide added value. Reinforcement struts and jamb brackets can strengthen the tracks, and heavy-duty hinges, large springs, neoprene rollers and concrete anchors can help strengthen the wood frame and more.