DIY Garage Door Preventative Maintenance Tips

Your garage doors speak to you every day. They make creaks, noises, grinds, and can show you that they need help when they seem to stick on one side. If you notice these symptoms, you should try to tighten up any hardware that may be throwing the balance off track. You can double-check the balance of your garage door by pulling the release cord and manually moving the door halfway up. If it doesn’t stay in place, the counterweights need to be adjusted by a professional.

Inspect the Health of Cables, Rollers, and Garage Doors

If your cables are fraying or corroded, you will have to call a professional. These cables are installed under high-tension and have the potential to cause serious injuries or death if they are loosened or unseated improperly.

The rollers of your garage door may be made of steel or nylon. They should be inspected bi-annually for premature wear, chips, or cracks. The average life of rollers is only seven years.

Wooden garage doors can be affected by weather damage and even warp. Steel doors can develop rust spots. In either case, you may need Orange County garage installation services to fit new doors.

Clean the Tracks and Lubricate Moving Parts

A lot of garages accumulate debris in the tracks, which interferes with the smooth flow and seamless operation of the rollers. If there is any built up dust, fibers, or debris of any kind, you need to meticulously clean it to prepare for the next step.

White lithium grease is sold in auto part stores in an aerosol can. It creates the ideal lubrication that works at all temperatures and repels water. You can also use it for the hinges of your car doors, house doors, and a variety of applications that make it a worthwhile investment for numerous reasons. Simply spray the grease on any chains, cables, rollers, tracks, and you will see how smooth they glide, instantly.