How to Stage Your Garage When Selling Your Home

When you are getting your home ready to sell, you probably focus on how its exterior looks. After that, you may stage your home’s living spaces in order to remove clutter and make them look inviting to prospective buyers. Many people overlook their garage, which is often messy, dirty and cluttered. In addition to arranging for any needed garage door repair in Orange County, you should also use these tips for staging your garage when selling your house.

Remove Clutter

Before you organize the garage, remove clutter. Drop off old paint, motor oil and similar items at the local hazardous waste facility. Recycle any old batteries. Sell or donate usable items that you do not plan to take to your next place. If you have not used an item in a year or two, consider getting rid of it.

Deep Clean

Deep clean the garage. Garages tend to get dirty and dusty. The wheels of your cars bring in dirt, leaves and other debris. Give the floors and walls a good scrubbing. This is also a great time to schedule maintenance for the garage door and its opener. If the floor or walls of the garage need to be painted, this is an ideal time to do it.

Organize What Remains

Now that your garage only holds what is useful to you and is clean, you can organize what remains. You may wish to hang pegboard to hold hand tools. A cabinet works well for small supplies such as twine. Organize by type of item, such as outdoor decorations in one cabinet or bin, lawn equipment in one area and tools in another area.