Learn about some techniques that you can use in order to keep your garage and all the items inside of it safe and secure from thieves and other mischief makers.

Three Simple Ways to Keep Your Garage Safe and Secure

Many people not only keep their car, truck or motorcycle in their garage, but they also use the garage to store their hand and power tools, bicycles, lawn equipment, sports equipment and other valuable belongings. An open garage door is an easy target for thieves who can quickly run up and grab your belongings. These tips will help you to secure your garage in Orange County.

Shut and Secure the Door

Even if you are just in the backyard mowing the grass or planting flowers, leaving the garage door open makes it easy for thieves to run in, grab your bicycle and ride off with it. Always shut your garage door and the side entrance doors to it. If the doors can be locked, keep them locked. Avoid storing an extra house key or garage door key in an obvious place such as on the windowsill or under a rock next to the garage.

Cover the Windows

If your garage door has windows in it, place some film or even aluminum foil over them from the inside so that burglars cannot see into the garage. Do the same for any side windows. Make sure that any side windows are locked. When it comes time to replace your garage door, choose one that does not have any windows.

Invest in a Modern Garage Door Opener

Older garage door openers use a radio frequency that is easy for thieves to grab and copy. If they have the signal to open the door, this allows them to enter your garage whenever they please. Today’s newest garage door openers use a rolling code that changes with each use and cannot be copied. Also, remember not to leave your keys sitting in your car once you park it in the garage. If your garage is attached to your house, lock the door between the house and garage.